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Teacher Resources

Parlier Teachers and Staff members will be participating in professional development as the year moves along.  A variety of resources will be introduced and utilized throughout these workshops.  Presentations, links and resources will be posted here for our staff members to access after their professional development session has concluded.
Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, Ashley Henderson, Guided Reading Instruction
Fresno County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Stacey Percell, Universal Design Learners
Illuminate, Alina Gonzalez, Key Data Systems link for assessment building
Illuminate, Alina Gonzalez, Unpacking Assessments (Itembank link)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Unpacking Curriculum, California Support and Resources Center
Thank you to our reading teachers for providing support to our students.  Our team will utilize the Reading Skills Flow Chart to support our students.