Welcome to Parlier Unified School District!

It is an honor to serve Parlier Unified School District and the community of Parlier as Superintendent. I hope to work collaboratively with you to ensure the best possible experience for all Parlier Unified School District stakeholders.

Our newly created Guiding Principles define what we believe, how we will interact, and what our focus will be.

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Integrity
  • Trustworthy Communication
  • Unity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Empowering

Along with these Guiding Principles we have clear District Goals that we are committed to achieving. Our District Goals are:

  • District-wide Systemic Alignment
  • Expanding Student Opportunities
  • Recruit, Retain, and Develop Parlier Staff

I encourage you to be part of the effort to ensure that each student in Parlier Unified School District gets the guidance, support, and skills necessary to be adequately prepared to pursue their preferred future. I'm excited of the possibilities of all that we can accomplish together. I invite you to join me in showing all of Fresno County the POWER of Parlier!

Have a GREAT year!

Jaime Robles, Superintendent