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Transportation Department

1101 Fig Ave. Parlier, CA 93648

Phone: (559) 646-3589 Fax: (559) 646-2316

Transportation Director:

Transportation Supervisor: Tamara McKinney

Secretary / Dispatchers: Larissa Paredes

The Transportation Department transports students safely to and from school on a daily basis. The department also maintains its fleet of buses, cars, vans and provides student transportation fora variety of field trips and co-curricular activities.

Walking distance to a school:
  Kinder thru 6th Grade: three-quarter (3/4) mile
  Seventh thru Eighth: one  (1) mile
  Ninth thru Twelfth: two (2) miles


School Bus Stop Instructions

When Children Must be Escorted Across the Street

It is very important that your child understands that it is dangerous for him/her to cross the street.  It is especially dangerous at school bus stops.  We expect the motoring public to observe a big yellow school bus and use extreme caution but unfortunately, this is often not the case.

  1. Your child must remain seated until the bus stops at their designated stop.  The driver will ask if your child needs to cross the street.  Please instruct your student to respond to the bus driver’s question.
  2. The driver will check the traffic for safety.  When the traffic has cleared, the driver will activate the red warning lights and then the driver will then have the children follow them off of the bus. (They should always follow the driver off.)
  3. After the children exit the bus, it is very important that they stand beside the entrance door of the bus on the curb, sidewalk or edge of the roadway.  The children need to wait here until the driver tells them it is safe to cross the street. (Never assume that the traffic will stop.)
  4. Once the driver determines that it is safe for the child to safely cross the street, he/she must walk quickly and carefully in front of the bus, between the bus and the driver, to the other side of the street.  When the student has safely crossed the street, the driver will return to the bus.  Students should not attempt to return to the bus after the driver leaves the roadway, but should go directly home.
Rules for Passengers

 The following rules are to be observed at all times while riding the bus.

  1.  Passengers are to obey the driver at all times.
  2.  Passengers must sit facing forward and not leave their

seat while the bus is in motion.

  1.  Passengers shall use quiet voices in the bus.  No loud,

obscene or profane language will be allowed.

  1.  Animals, insects, glass, spray cans, and large parcels are

prohibited on the bus.

  1.  Passengers must not bother the driver or other passengers

on the bus or at the bus stop.

  1.  Passengers shall not leave trash on the bus.
  2.  It is against the law for passengers to throw any object in

or out of the windows.

  1.  A passenger may be denied transportation for continued


  1.  Passengers may be held financially responsible for destruction of property.



Bus Safety Regulations

Riding a school bus at Parlier Unified School District is a privilege not a right. 

This bus service is provided for home-to-school service only and shall not be used for other purposes.  Students who ride the bus shall be dropped off only at their authorized stop.  Parent or Guardian written permission must be given to the school to designate emergency alternate stops for students.

The bus driver is a school official and by law, has the responsibility to ensure passenger safety while on the bus and at bus stops.  He/she may remove any student from the bus who continues to misbehave.




It is important that all students show proper conduct on the bus.  All students who ride the bus must be familiar with the bus rules.  Your child(ren) may receive a citation from the bus driver for misbehaving on the bus or at the bus stops.  Misconduct on the part of students may result in a denial of transportation.  Please review the following requirements for a successful bus ride for your child.

  1. Make sure students are at the bus stop ahead of time by at least 5minutes.
  2. Accompany young children to the bus stop and meet them on their return.
  3. Children who walk to the bus stop are to use the shoulder of the road or side walks.
  4. Do not allow your child(ren) to play/damage other people’s property.
  5. Children are to wait in a safe place well off the road, in a single file, until the bus stops and the driver opens the door.
  6. Enter the bus in an orderly manner, find a seat quickly, and remain seated while the bus is in motion.
  7. Students should be reminded to check-in at home after leaving the bus.