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District Safety

“A prepared school is a SAFE school.”

Jamiu Badmos

Parlier Unified School District is continuously planning and preparing for emergencies that could interrupt the school day for students. In Parlier Unified School District, we have safety practices in place to help protect our students from harm and to foster a healthy, productive learning environment. We review these policies and practices regularly to ensure our schools are among the safest places they can be. These protocols include: 
Visitor Registration and Screening (Verkada- adopted July 2023) 
All school visitors MUST enter through the school administration office and register with the front office staff before gaining further access to school grounds. 
Identification Badges
Both staff and guests are asked to wear district/ school-issued I.D. badge at all times while on school grounds.
Controlled Access
All school sites and departments have have perimeter fencing and exterior gates that are secured and monitored during and after school hours.  
Video Cameras
Cameras monitor and record activity throughout our campuses and departments. The cameras presence not only act as a deterrent but they also help staff and law enforcement investigate vandalism, theft, fights, or other criminal or inappropriate activities in and around our school sites. 
School Resource Officers and Night Security
Our district has a strong relationship with the Parlier Police Department. School Resource Officers are assigned to our high school and middle school campuses. These officers work with our school site personnel to provide security, investigate potential crimes, and ensure a safe environment. Our Night Security patrols all school sites and departments overnight Monday through Sunday.

Emergency Training and Safety Drills
Regular safety "practice" drills ensure that our staff and students know what to do in the event of an emergency. These drills include, but are not limited to: Fire, Lockdown, Evacuation and Drop, Cover and Hold. *We also practice active shooter scenario trainings at each of our school sites though ALICE. (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate)
School Safety Plan
Each school has a Comprehensive School Safety and Emergency Response Procedures plan in place that is reviewed and updated regularly. These plans encompass many issues designed to prevent and prepare for a variety of emergency events. School safety teams/staff discuss these issues throughout the year to be prepared to respond in a timely and effective manner should the need arise. 

Crisis Communication
Our goal is to quickly and most importantly accurately communicate essential information to first responders, district staff, students, parents and community members as needed to ensure the safety of all throughout any kind of emergency. Rest assured that if we have any information regarding safety issues or even credible potential concerns, we will communicate those with our staff and parents as quickly and thoroughly as possible via telephone, email, text, ParentSquare and/or social media.  

It is important to remember that school safety is best supported through a community effort. We encourage all of our students, parents, staff and community members to report any and all safety concerns immediately to the school sites, district office or local law enforcement. Thank you so much for being a valued member of our small community.
Sammy Rodriguez
Safety Officer

📞  (559) 646-6161 | Ext: 1023

Joe Herrera
Night Security (weekdays)
Night Security (weekends)