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Business Office

The Business Services Department supports the Board's Vision of helping every student to reach their maximum potential by serving the needs of the school sites and District departments


We do this through the functions of Student Attendance Accounting, Food Service, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounting and Budgeting.  Every day we:

  • We make sure that sites account for the students correctly, so we can bill the state for the revenue generated by those students.
  • We deposit the revenue received and allocate it to sites so that they can decide how best to use those funds to improve the success of students.
  • We make sure that supplies, once ordered, are delivered on time, in tact and occasionally at a discount.
  • We make sure that there are books, crayons, rulers, flags, balls, ruled paper and gold stars available to be delivered to your site.
  • We make sure that there is enough breakfast, lunch, supper and snack for every student and that it is ready on time, hot (or cold), healthy, and appealing because hungry students don’t learn well.
  • We make sure that, on that last day of the month, every employee has a paycheck, that the check is calculated correctly, that only the required deductions have been taken and, perhaps most importantly, the proper amount of retirement credit has been applied to each employee.
Business Office Staff
Chief Business Officer - Andrea Affrunti
Business Manager - Irma Regalado
Payroll, Certificated Staff - Nicole Prieto
Payroll, Classified Staff - Martha Moreno
Accounts Payable - Rufina Paredes
Accounts Payable - Maria Alcala