Business Office

The Business Services Department supports the board's vision of helping every student to reach their maximum potential by serving the needs of the school sites and district departments


Through the functions of purchasing, accounts payable, payroll, accounting and budget, the Business Services Department ensures every student has the instructional materials and supplies needed to be successful in the classroom.  The Business Services Department also ensures every program is supported with the financial resources needed for student success. 


As part of the larger Business and Operations Services Department, Child Nutrition Services and Facilities and Maintenance Departments ensure every student has access to nutritious meals and safe and well-maintained facilities.  The Business and Operations Services Department always keep students at the center of every conversation.

Business Office Staff
Chief Business Officer - Irma Regalado
Business Manager - Monica Sandoval
Fiscal Services Assistant - Michelle Woods
Payroll, Certificated Staff - Nicole Prieto
Payroll, Classified Staff - Martha Moreno
Accounts Payable - Maria Alcala